Season Overview

The Monarchs season is designed to provide year-round development, while preserving time for player participation in other sports and their school baseball program. We believe that this helps produce better athletes, leaders and character in our players.


Fall Season

September  РOctober

The Fall Season is time to develop the players in primary and secondary positions, and build a team that works together. In September, individual teams practice on field three times per week, while in October, teams practice twice per week and play in ~3-4 tournaments.


November РJanuary 

Our Offseason Program is time for development of the individual athlete towards team success. In November and December, players participate in our extra hitting program, Arm Care and Strength and Conditioning Programs. We also offer 2-3 winter on-field clinics all included in the annual team fee.

School Baseball Season

We encourage our players to play for their middle school and high school teams. We believe travel and school teams should work together in developing the team first athlete. For players that attend schools without competitive teams, we sponsor teams that play in the DHYS and Dunwoody Middle School League.

Spring/Summer Season

March 15 – mid-Summer

The Spring/Summer Season is time to compete as a team on the field. Teams practice once per week until mid-April, when tournament season starts. Practices during tournament season are twice per week, and teams will play in ~10 tournaments. Tournaments are selected to emphasize player development and competition over win/loss percentage.