Player & Parent Agreement

Medlock Monarchs Baseball is pleased you are joining our organization. The Monarchs program seeks to develop team first, high performing and high character players for their high school program and beyond.

Below are the guiding principles under which we operate, and expectations of you as a Monarch player and parent. We believe that having a clear understanding of these principles and expectations allows our organization, coaches, and parents to work together to maximize the development of the most important party — the player. We encourage parents and/or guardians to read this document thoroughly with their player.


Monarchs players are expected to adhere to the following principles:

  1. I understand that I am representing the Monarchs program both on and off the field, and my actions will reflect these guiding principles.
  2. I will give 100% in everything I do.
  3. I will respect my teammates, and not talk about them in a negative way to others, in a “team chat” or on social media. I will discuss with them 1-on-1 anything negatively impacting our team first relationship privately in order to resolve any conflict. I will not blame a loss on a teammate.
  4. I understand my coaches want me to succeed as a player and a person. I will respect their decisions on playing time and my position in the batting order, and be ready to contribute to the team whenever I get the call. If I am unclear about any coaches’ decision about my use on the team, I will address with them 1-on-1 after a practice, not during a practice or at a game.
  5. I will respect my opponents. I will not talk negatively about them during a game, to teammates or on social media.
  6. I will respect umpires. I understand that umpires make mistakes. I will not blame a loss on umpires. I will let my coaches handle any discussions with umpires during a game.
  7. I will respect my parents, and be appreciative of this opportunity they are giving me.
  8. I will be honest with my coaches about any pain or discomfort I am having in my body.
  9. I am encouraged to play other sports throughout the year, but I will make my coaches aware of them.
  10. I will arrive at all practices and games well-fed and well-rested, ready to work.
  11. I will be responsible for bringing my own gear and hydration to practice and games. I will not rely on my parents for this. I will keep clean the practice and game fields and dugouts.
  12. I will practice with focus so that I can set a good example for my teammates and help the team succeed during games.
  13. I will not be late for practices or games. If I am going to be late because of something out of my control, I will let my coaches know.
  14. I will show positive body language on the field during practices and games. If a teammate fails or makes an error during a game, I will encourage them in a positive way.
  15. I will win games with class and I will lose games with class. I will not try to embarrass my opponents in a win, and I will congratulate them after a loss.
  16. I understand that I cannot play for another team until next Fall other than my school team. If there are team practice or game conflicts with my school team, I am responsible for working out those conflicts with my coaches.

I understand that if I do not follow these guidelines, I could be asked to leave the team immediately.


Parents of Monarchs players are expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. I agree with the above Player Code of Conduct, and will encourage my player to adhere to them. 
  2. I will not disparage coaches, other players on the team, or other teams in front of my player or at games or practices around other parents. I recognize that this is counterproductive to the Monarchs’ team first culture.
  3. I will not coach from the sidelines. I will not undermine any instructions the coaches give my player.
  4. I understand that coaches make their decisions based on their observations and player adherence to the program guidelines and goals. If I have a question about my player’s development path or game usage, I will address with the program general manager, not the coaches. These conversations will reflect a shared interest in my player’s development, will not take place in a public forum, and will be after 12 hours have passed from the game or practice.
  5. I will have my player to practice and games on time. If they cannot be there on time, I will give immediate notice to the program general manager or coaches.
  6. I understand that I should not be in or around my team’s dugout during a practice or game.
  7. I will be pleasant with other teams’ parents and fanbases, and will not engage with them in an argumentative manner. I will not speak in a derogatory manner about other teams or players. I will respect game umpires even if I disagree with their decisions, and will not engage them in a derogatory manner.
  8. I will RSVP my player to practices and games with as much notice as possible, in the manner prescribed by the program in order for coaches to plan appropriately. If my player’s status changes, I will advise the program general manager or coaches ASAP.
  9. I understand that certain conversations are for coaches and parents only. I will not invite my player into coach/parent “chats”, e.g. group texts/GroupMe.
  10. I will not attend practices or games under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substances that impair my ability. I will not transport my player or any other player to a team event under said circumstances.
  11. If I cannot transport my player, or attend, a team event, I will designate another parent to be responsible for them.

I understand that if I do not follow these guidelines, my player could be asked to leave the team immediately.


Upon execution of this agreement, the parent/guardian must provide the program general manager with a copy of the player’s birth certificate for proof of age, and a copy of a physical form completed by a medical doctor within the last 12 months. These documents will be supplied in a manner prescribed by the general manager.


Player dues are $3800 for the 2023 – 2024 season, paid in eight (8) equal monthly payments of $475.00. A non-refundable deposit, equal to the amount of the first monthly payment, is due immediately upon acceptance of an offer. The seven (7) payments that follow will be charged automatically to the card you have on file each month thereafter, beginning on Sept 1, 2024. Failure to make a monthly payment in a timely manner could result in the player being ineligible to participate in team activities.

Fees for the entire season are non-refundable and the entire amount is due and payable. Players that withdraw from the team during the season or are asked to leave for violations of this agreement after accepting a position will not be given a refund of any kind.

Welcome to the Monarchs!